Sunday, November 11, 2007

It's Sunday Already

I can't believe it. My hubby was gone for the week and it sure went fast. I know a lot of people say they can't sleep with their hubby is away. Let me tell you I love having the WHOLE bed when he is gone. I have shared that bed for 35 years with him and I just love to spread out sometimes. I guess it is because I know he will be back. LOL I feel like I have accomplished a lot this week. Not only have I been stamping for my craft fair but also getting my house in order and doing some shopping.

Since hubby will be home this afternoon sometime I need to think about fixing some kind of dinner. He has been with a bunch of guys and he said they have eaten hot dogs and hamburgers all week. I asked him if he wanted a hamburger today and he said "%^&* NO!" I thought that might be the answer. LOL

Now for some sharing time. I was in Avis Anderson's holiday bag swap and got the cutest bag back. I am making them for my craft fair and also to do in my Holiday Gift Class. Here is a picture:

I used a brown lunch bag and typed the poem on my computer. I then stamped the Merry Christmas and the trees. I used paper from Hobby Lobby as I am out of our Christmas paper and since both are being discontinued I just used something else for now. I put a cookie mix in the bag and tied it shut and added a small cookie cutter for an embellishment.

Here is the little poem that is on the bag:

We made a batch of cookies
and ate just one or two.
We started feeling guilty
because they were for you.
We went into a panic
and ran right to the store.
We bought a brand new
cookie mix so you
could make some more!

Hope you enjoy this little project today. I thought it was fun and so cute. I have made some different images and used some different paper. I will try to take a picture of them sometime today and share them as well.
Have a great and blessed Sunday!


abhall76 said...

That is just tooo darn cute. just love it!

Mrs. Nancy G said...

Wonderful project! I love how you added the cookie cutter as an embellishment. Clever and cute!

Alley said...

This is a great little project!