Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Good Weekend!!

I have been so busy lately. I was actually getting ready for a craft show. That was this past weekend. It went fairly well. I am so used to selling big items from the "Old" days of craft shows when I did tole painting. The ticket items were more expensive so it was easier to make big money. I did really well for the items I had. I also got a new customer who ordered and also sold 3 catalogs. Here is a picture of my table. I had nothing fancy but then again we were in a little farm town in Indiana. They sure come out for the craft show. It was a beautiful day and I had a good time.

I didn't have time to clean off my craft table before I left so I took a picture of it when I got home. What a mess it was.
Surely you agree...LOL!

As you can see I barely had any place to work. Maybe that is why I didn't get more done. Not really....I ran out of time. Now here is a picture of my table once I got it cleaned up. It won't stay that way long. As soon as I start stamping again I will have a mess. I can't seem to stamp on a clean table.

I have been invited to participate in an auction Tuesday. It is called a "Quarter Auction". All the proceeds go to cancer. I have to take two things to be auctioined for the caner program and then I take five things to auction and I get to keep the money from them. I also can have a cash and carry table where I can have my catalogs and items for sale. I am hoping to get some new customers out of this. We were aloud to invite all of our customers, friends and family. I have about 20 people going. I will have my own talbes so we can sit together. The way the auction works is you bid on the items you like. The bidding is based on the retail price of the items being auctioned. Here is the guide to bidding. Anything up to $25 in retail you bid one quarter. $25 to $50 is two quarters, $50 to $75 is three quarters and over $75 is four quarters. They have over 100 people that attend usually. It will be fun. I can't wait to see how it turns out. Here is a picture of the stuff I am going to auction.

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