Thursday, November 8, 2007

Good Morning

At least it is here right now. My grandbaby is asleep and I am checking on mail and catching up on some computer stuff. In about an hour I go and get a haircut. If I don't I will be named the new "Shaggy Dog". I can't wait.

I was going through some stuff and decided to share the project I did for my retreat for their name places. I saw something similiar when I was visiting Avis Anderson this past summer. Of course I had to do my own take on it and decided they would make cute place cards. It is a "Fibercino". Check out the picture. My nephew works at McDonalds and they sold me a sleeve of the Sundae cups and lids. I made an "X" in the lid with an x-acto knife to pull the fiber through. I made the place cards on my computer and punched them out with the Mega and Giga oval punches. There were a big hit. Hope you enjoy them. Feel free to take the idea and run with it for any event you may be having.

I am going to go and take advantage of a sleeping baby and get a few more things done before the haircut. I sure hope he wakes up on his own and I don't have to wake him to take him with me. I don't like grumpy babies...LOL

Have a great and creative day!!!!


Beverley said...

Hi Rita...just discovered your site...I am pretty new at this blogging world...but your work is wonderful...I will be back often.


abhall76 said...

What a great idea Rita! Hope the little one did in fact wake up on his own.... nothing worse than waking a child before they are ready!

Mrs. Nancy G said...

So neat!!! I love this project! Thanks so much for sharing.

Hope your haircut went well and that your grandbaby wasn't grumpy.