Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I finally made a CARD!

I actually made a quick card for my DH's Birthday today. The chemo has given me much fatigue again this time. I am hoping it is coming to an end. I have slept for two days again. I am hoping to have more energy since today is Birthday Day. This card is quite simple. I found a poem on the net and then stamped the TAC Tiger Face onto the poem. Matted with some masculine paper I had here and called it a day. The striped paper is actually mounted on the cream cardstock which is also for the poem.
I have been trying to work on my Club Med trades for Seminar. They are coming along slow but sure. Pray for energy so I can get them done. I am too far on them to stop and say NO.
I again want to thank everyone for reading my blog and sending me such nice and comforting messages. You guys just keep me going.
Until next time.....Have a great day!


made by fifi said...

gorgeous card - i bet he will love it - hope you find some energy xx

Mrs. Nancy G said...

Very creative and handsome!


Sarah said...

Very nice card! I love it!!

Dianette Seda said...

Nice card! I love that stamp!

nic_d said...

I love the wording..very nice! I like the tiger used as a background, too! Best wishes on getting everything done!

Just Me said...

wonderful card!!!
Hope you are feeling better!!!!

Sonja said...

Great card, Hubby will love it, no doubt. I know how important going to seminar is for you this year, and I pray that you have the strength to all you desire while there.

Vicki Hook said...

What a cool idea - using the tiger as the background!


Leanne said...

What a great card! I know you said it was simple, but sometimes the simple one's are the most beautiful!

tracey said...

gorgeous card. wishing you lots of energy and sending hugs