Saturday, June 14, 2008

Seminar Is Coming Fast

And I am happy to say that two of my downline and very good friends came over yesterday and helped me with my Club Med Trades. They are all done. That sure made me feel better since I have been battling fatigue with this last round of Chemo. Debbie and Kathy came over around 11:00 a.m. and we worked until close to 4:00 p.m. and got them done. It was such a huge help and I was so glad to have them here. We had a very nice time chatting while we were gluing...LOL I will share the trades when I get back from Seminar.
On a happier note I did feel better today. The fatigue is still with me some but I did a lot more today than I did in a whole week. I am working on building my strength by Wednesday so I will be ready for my trip. I can't wait to see all of my Angel friends. We are going to have a great time.
Now I can work on a few other things I wanted to do. You know the fun things and little gifty stuff to take with me. I have the ideas and they of course are all easy. That's my way of life right now.
I hope everyone has had a good weekend so far. Have a wonderful Father's Day tomorrow celebrating with the Father's in your lives. I know we are going to breakfast with my daughter and her family. My son will be sleeping as he is working third shift right now. We will see him later. We are going to breakfast early enough that I am hopefully going to make it to church. I didn't get there last week because I slept through the morning. After that it will be a relaxing day with my DH.


Tonya Williams said...

oh rita! glad you had help and are feeling better today. I will be at seminar...if you need ANYTHING just yell I am sure we will all help.

jill said...

Hey Rita, I have been thinking of you. I guess it just hasn't ocurred to me that I could stay up to date by reading your blod....DUH... I am glad to hear that things are going ok and that you will get to go to Seminar. I remember how much you look forward to it each. Thanks for the instructions for the darling Tote Note Holder. I am going to make several as gifts. Take care of yourself. Have fun at Seminar. Jill Swanson

Shazza said...

hi Rita, glad you had help and that the fatigue is not so bad. Enjoy your seminar

Dianette Seda said...

I hope you are having so much fun as I've heard others are having. Take care and enjoy so you can tell everything to us later.

judy anderson said...

just found your site and will add you to my prayers

Angela K said...

Hope that you had a wonderful time at seminar!

Sharon said...

Check out my blog-you've been tagged. :)

Congrats again on winning at seminar. That crown suits you.