Sunday, April 20, 2008

What a FUN Weekend

I had my semi-annual retreat this weekend and boy did I have a good time. It is just what I needed before all this chemo stuff starts. The card I am showing here is my card I did for the Card Swap. I am loving this Butterfly Swirls set. I actually took the idea from a fellow angel that made a card out of the scrap box at my SouthWest Ohio Angel Gathering...THANKS Sheryll Nall.

I just want to say that I have so many wonderful friends and family. They went behind my back and decided to get Breast Cancer Awareness shirts and wear on Saturday at the retreat. I also got some wonderful gifts from them. The funny thing is a lot of them went to a local shop in our town and got the shirts and gifts. They told them they were going to a retreat that was hosted by a lady that has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and is getting ready to go through chemo. They didn't mention my name but I have known the lady that owns the shop of a very long time and just haven't been in there to talk to her. I am going in the next day or so and talk to her and tell her that it was my friends coming in. I want to also thank them because they gave one of the girls a very pretty bracelet to give to me. For anyone that is groing through Breast Cancer and wants a wonderful place to see things; go HERE and check them out. Of all times to forget my camera it was this weekend. One of the girls took pictures and I will get them from her to post. This is just the medicine I needed.

Friday I have to go to the hospital and get my porta cath put in for my chemo injections. As soon as I am done there I am off to see the oncologist and have my first treatment. It will be a full day. I hope to get a lot done this week before I start. I also hope to do some more posting so keep checking back. I have some things I want to scan and share.


TinaB said...

stunning Card!!!

Vicki Hook said...

Rita, glad you had a great retreat! Good luck this week!

Sonja said...

Hi Rita,
Glad you got a chance to get together for some stamping fun...that will always make us feel better. I really like your swap card, it's great.
I'm keeping you in my prayers.

Kazza said...

great card Rita :O)