Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Life is a Little Normal

I know I haven't been posting any stamping but I have been doing some. My semi-annual retreat is this weekend. Although I am not doing much for this one we are still having it. All of the regulars wanted it anyway. I am glad since it is my last weekend before I start my chemo.
It has been a good week to be so busy since I miss my doggy.
I will be leaving Friday for my retreat and back on Sunday. I then have a full week getting ready to have my port put in and starting my chemo.
I am hoping to post quite a bit next week before my chemo starts on Friday. I have lots to fill you in on and really want to share some of my stuff for this weekend. Be sure to check back as I hope to be around even after chemo starts.


Jodi said...

I've been praying for ya Rita. Wish I could be at the retreat, but IKEA can't live without me. I miss retreats...I'll be at the next one for sure!

Mrs. Nancy G said...

You are still in my prayers too.


Shazza said...

oh Rita, what sad news about your poor dog. I hope you enjoy your retreat and you will be in my thoughts during your chemo. Hoping all goes well

Percy said...


Hoping everything will be alright!



Chris Steer said...

Hi Rita, Hope you had a good weekend and hope the chemo goes o.k. My thoughts are with you.
Chris xx

Anonymous said...

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