Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Thursday's TECH

Once again I am bringing you a fun and easy technique. This is called Baby Wipes Stamping. It is so easy to do. You actually use reinkers so you can get any color combination you like. I used an orange, green and purple.
Here are the directions:

Baby Wipes Stamping

Clean moist baby wipe
2-3 re-inker colors
bold stamp of your choice
Cardstock your choice of color
Paper plate
Fold baby wipe to make a stamp pad. Place in paper plate. Squirt 2 to 3 re-inker colors randomly on the baby wipe. Use like a stamp pad and ink the bold stamp. Stamp onto cardstock. The more ink you use the more vibrant the image.

I will be on tomorrow to update my journey this week with my Breast Cancer. It has been a busy week and I really want to share. Hopefully this may help someone that may have to walk this same path.

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