Monday, March 10, 2008

For now MY BLOG will not only be about Stamping

That's right! My eyes have been opened up and looking at life a little differently lately. I have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and have already started the process of conquering it. First of all here is the journal I made this weekend to keep track of my appointments and feelings of dealing with Breast Cancer. I am very lucky because my cancer was found early. Thank God for yearly mammograms. There was no lump to feel by me or the dr. but the mammogram found it. I knew it had to be early as I had my last mammogram a year ago almost to the date. I will insert some of the email posts instead of writing everything out again. SO...I will also post some of my journey with Breast Cancer as I also keep up my passion for stamping. The front of my journal says it all. Abundance is...being positive. That is half of the journey to a successful recovery from anything whether it be medical , physical or emotional.

This is my adventure through the two mammograms and biopsy.
I had my yearly mammogram on January 17th which they sawsomething suspicious. I had a diagnostic mammogram on Feb. 6th. I thengot a certified letter from the hospital saying I needed a biopsy. Thatwas done on March 4th. On March 6th my dr. called and said it wasinvasive cancer. On March 7th the breast surgeon called me and had mecome to her office today to meet her for a consultation. I will behaving surgery on Monday March 17th.

Here is what the dr. had to say today when I met her. She was absolutely wonderful.
I am home from the appointment and I feel a lot better. First of allDr. Hernandez is so nice. I wish all doctors could be like her. Sheexplained everything to us in very good detail. It seems I haveinvasive cancer which means it is outside the ducts of the breast andinto the tissue. It is called Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (IDC). It iscategorized as a T1 which means the cancer is 2 cm in diameter orsmaller. It is also qualified as Stage I cancer unless they find it inthe lymph nodes during surgery and then it will go to a Stage IIA. Iwill be having a lumpectomy to remove the cancer and some surroundinggood tissue. This is to make sure they get all the cancer in the area.They will also do a Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy to see if cancer hasspread to the lymph nodes. They will check while I am in surgery and ifthe nodes look suspicious they will remove the ones that do. I willhave radiation afterwards. If everything works okay while in surgery Iwill have a balloon put in the breast area where the cancer was to doradiation straight to the cancer site. I will have to have 2 radiationtreatments a day for 5 days instead of once a day for 5 weeks. Noteveryone is a candidate for this but she thinks I will be a good one forit. The main thing to be able to have this is to have large breastswith the cancer centrally located. That is where I seem to be. I willhave the surgery on March 17th. I have to go and have an MRI Wednesdayas well as blood tests and an EKG. I will also see my primary care dr.on Friday to make sure all is okay there. The MRI is to make sure thereisn't any other spots that didn't show on the mammogram. She gave me abig hug at the end of the visit and told me not to worry because she wasgonna fix me up. She also gave Floyd a hug and told him not to worryabout me because she was going to take care of me.
Floyd is my DH and is in the picture here on my blog. He is a great guy and is standing beside me through all of this.

Please check back as I will still be posting my stamping stuff along with updates of the journey of Breast Cancer.


Mrs. Nancy G said...

Wow Rita. Big HUGS from me all the way up in Alaska! Thanks so much for sharing what you are going through. Your journal is very pretty and will be a place that you can document your journey. I'm not very good with my words in situations like this. Please know that you are in my prayers and I am thinking positive for you too.

~Nancy Grant

Karen Lindsay said...

I wish you well in your journey with this new development in your life. You can conquer this and it sounds like you have all the medical and family backing you could ask for. My prayers are with you also.



Beverley said... prayers are with you at this differcult time.


Sixteen Paw Productions said...

Just wanted to wish you the very best. I was diagnosed with spindle cell carcinoma in November after I found a lump! After a mammogram, an ultrasound, a core biopsy and then finally surgery to remove the breast and all the lymph nodes and put in a saline implant I was then diagnosed with leiomyosarcoma. I had another surgery to remove the implant, then remove a wider margin and part of the muscle. Thanks to an amazing team of doctors and surgeons at Stanford University I am now doing fine. No radiation or chemo required but a lot of rest and rehab. You can do it. Lean on the people who are there for you but be strong. One day at a time and you can do it. It is wonderful that you continue to blog and stamp because the distraction like that are sometimes the best therapy of all. Best Wishes

Anonymous said...

Rita, you are awesome! Keep journalling everything that you learn and experience. Stay strong. My Mom was diagnosed with DCIS in December and just had her lumpectomy last week. It has gone well. She had her surgery on Friday and went back to work on Monday. The worst part of the entire process was trying to choose the correct treatment and surgery option for her particular needs (there are so many options now!!). It sounds like you have a wonderful doctor. Take your DH with you to every appointment so that he can also take notes. Research your cancer and bring your findings and questions to the doctor. You have to OWN your cancer first so that you can BEAT it. You are going to do just fine! I will place your name on my prayer list. - Hugs

Unknown said...

Rita, thanks for sharing your journey with us. You gave me a reminder of taking care of myself. What a wonderful idea of your journal. I hope you the best on your process. Have a great day and thanks for inspiring others, Jannette Cuebas from Puerto Rico\jcuebas

Anonymous said...


Love your journal. Perfect idea to help you get though this.
I'm so glad that this was caught early.
You have certainly been in my prayers this past week. You will stay in my prayers as you fight this horrible disease, and beyond. I have seen God work in many ways in the lives of others over the last few weeks. I'm encouraged that He will have his hands in your life as well!
Love you, my friend!

Diana said...

Dear friend my prayers with you! You know how much I apreciate you and your friendship! Keep strong!