Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Thursday TECH's

I have been going through my Rolodex looking for old techniques to share. Sometimes we forget about those and want to keep learning the new. That is okay but those old ones can be fun. The technique I did this week is using dry wall tape. I love to walk through Home Depot and see what I can use. This makes a great background and you can actually use the colored dry wall tape on another card. I sure made a bright card thinking of something that would be cute for boys. I hope you get a chance to try it!
Here are the directions:
Hardware: Dry Wall Tape Backgrounds


Cardstock: color of your choice. I like lighter colors
Ink colors of your choice. Be sure they compliment each other
Stamps of your choice
Dry Wall Tape
Scrap paper for masking (optional)

Cut dry wall tape to the size needed for your project. Lay dry wall tape onto cardstock. Using one of the ink colors (lighter color), ink up the sponge and sponge over dry wall tape. You may want to mask the area around the tape to get cleaner edges. Peel off dry wall tape when done inking. Stamp images over the dry wall taped image

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Mrs. Nancy G said...

What a great effect!