Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What an awesome Weekend

The South West Ohio Angel Gathering was so much fun. There were only 18 of us but we sure had a good time. Everyone said they enjoyed it and loved the projects. It was my first Angel Only event and I do believe I may have to do it again. Here is one of the projects that we did. It is a tri fold card. I just love the Sweet Skunks Set. They are so darn cute.

I have also loaded the images of the card being opened. I love doing these cards and they fit in the 4" x 8" envelope that TAC carries.

This was also one of the first events for a lot of my downline. We had to have our picture taken since this is the most I have had together at one time.

The names are front row: Kathy McCurry, Rita Holmes, Yvonne Brown. Back row: Cindy Hahn, Tammy Hollander, Heather Cady, Debbie Fehrenbach and Sylvia Ruthven.

Aren't we just a cute bunch of angels? LOL We do have a good time when we are together. If you would like to be a member of my team please email me and I will give you all the information.


Mrs. Nancy G said...

Looks like fun!

Mary Leeson said...

Yes, you are a cute bunch and I had so much fun meeting you all! Thanks again Rita for an awesome weekend and all the preparation/organization you put into this SWOG. It sure was lotsa fun... God bless!!