Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Oh HAPPY Day!!!

That's right!  My starter kit from Amuse|Studios came today.  What a treat.  I have to share with you that the kit comes in a recycled box....what a way for a company to save money.

I had a heads up that this is how it would arrive.  I was happy to see UPS knock on my door.
Now...what was inside?  Let me just show is too much to sit and list separately.

I was just in awe.  It is one thing to read on a piece of paper what you will get but another story when you see it in person.  I am just loving it all. 
Now that you have seen it and was wondering if you would love to see should.  It has been great just going to their website and reading their forums and all.  The starter kit is $149 for the deluxe one (what you see here).  What a deal!  Click on my website at the top of my blog and click on Start a Business.

Are you wondering what the stamps sets look like?  Here ya go!

I am showing you two different sets so I could show each side of the rubber.  The stamps come in a DVD case which is already indexed.  The stamps have great detail as you can see the rubber side.  The cling side has the image on the cling for accurate placement of your stamp.  There are NO stickers to place on the cling making it not stick as well to your acrylic block.  What a great feature!!!

The images are all laser pre-cut and are so easy to pop out and place in the DVD cases.  Do you wanna see?  Of ya go!

I hope you can tell how clean cut they are.  Now I am going to have to get busy and do some stamping.  I'm sure I will have some cards to share tomorrow.
Hope you enjoyed taking a look at all of my goodies.  See ya all tomorrow!!!


Char said...

Whooohoooo!!!! Have fun!!!

liannallama said...

Glad you got your new goodies! You are going to have FUN stamping with your new toys! I really love this product! Good luck with your new business!

Laura said...

So pretty and I love how you displayed it all for everyone to see! Have fun stamping!

Monica K. said...

Have fun with all of your new goodies!! Can't wait to see what you make! :)