Friday, March 12, 2010

A Baby Card

I found this really cute baby ribbon and just had to get it. When I got home I realized I didn't have a baby stamp suitable for it. I had to get in my creative mode and came up with this rattle made out of the Scalloped Circle Punches. It was a fun card to do. I used the Extra Jumbo Cirlce, Super Jumbo Scalloped Cirlce and the Mega Scalloped Circle. I layered the circles; stamping on the plain circle. I used a small strip of cardstock for the handle and used to small circle punches to make the small handle grip at the end. I did this by first stamping the smaller circle onto a piece of cardstock. I then centered the larger circle punch over the previous punched "hole" in the cardstock and punched again. I layered this on my card which had been punched with a border punch and embellished with the ribbon. I stamped the saying and used pop dots to mat it on the card. What a quick and easy card and you can do them in any colors you want. Give it a try and see how fast that baby card can be made.


Teresa Jenkins said...

Super cute and creative! Thanks for sharing!

Kathy McC said...

You are so creative. Love it and must try it. Thanks!

Julie Robinson said...

this is fabulous! what creativity!!! definately going to CASE this card!