Tuesday, November 3, 2009

DON'T FALL OVER...I'm here to share!

I know it has been forever and I keep promising to keep up with my blog. I am one walking medical soap opera. I haven't felt good in a good while. I had a very short (1 day) hospital stay due to blood pressue issues and they are now under control. Since then I have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and working on that. We have caught it early and hopefully will be able to control it with pill form meds and not insulin. This past weekend I was really sick and found out I have a touch of pneumonia in my right lung. Now that I was put on a ton of meds I am feeling better and actually did some playing in my stamp room tonight. I thought I would take a picture and share.

This ideas was prompted from a Pumpkin made with the SU Oval. I used the Super Jumbo Oval that TAC carries and made the one you see here. I stamped on it with the "Happy Thanksgiving" saying from Trendy Greetings with Burnt Umber ink.

Directions of the Pumpkin:

6 Orange Ovals from the Super Jumbo Oval Punch
1 small scrap of green paper cut into the thin strip
1 small piece of brown ribbon for the pumpkin stem
Trendy Greetings Stamp Set and acrylic block
Palette Brunt Umber Stamp Pad
VersaMagic Jumbo Java Stamp Pad
Adhesive of your Choice
Brown Extra Fine Sharpie Marker (optional)
Adhesive of your choice
Peppermint Patties

Distress the 6 Orange Ovals with the Jumbo Java ink pad. Set in two groups of THREE. With the distressed side of the ovals facing up; adhere two together side by side (long part up and down) overlapping them a little. Adhere the third oval on top of them centering it. Do the same for the other group of three. Lay one group of ovals face down (distressed side down on the table) and adhere a peppermint patty to it. Cut the small scrap of ribbon to represent a stem and glue to the back side of the remaining set of ovals. Curl the small strip of green paper around a pencil or paper piercer (that's what I use) so it will curl. Adhere next to the ribbon. Stamp the saying "Happy Thanksgiving" to the center oval and adhere to the top of the peppermint patty. Embellish with hash marks with the Sharpie Marker if desired. ENJOY!!!

I had a lot of fun making this and will be posting some other things using our punches later. The above project would be great to have sitting on the table at Thanksgiving for a little after dinner chocolate.


Patti J said...

Rita, this is awesome! Thanks for such good directions! Hope you feel better very soon! Take care of yourself...

Lisadwb said...

Rita- so glad you are feeling better. The pumpkin is so neat, I love it!!

colleen said...

These will make ideal little gifts for my co-workers. I can't wait to get started on them, so cute! Hope you feel better soon. I'm home recovering from surgery myself, so I can sympathize. :) BTW, I also really like your playlist!