Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tri Shutter Cards Seem to be the Rage

Tri shutter cards seem to be the rage using the Scor Pal. I decided to try them and loved it. In fact we did this card in class last week. I didn't do a lot of embellishing on it because I was actually teaching how to do the card. We did three other cards in class that night also so we didn't have time to really get into the embellishing. With that said...I will say that I like the simplicity of the card. Here is the link to the tutorial for the card. It is a fun card so don't let it intimidate you. I hope you take the time to give it a try. It's not a card you would make all the time but it sure is a good one for something special.


Helen Dooley said...

Maybe there everywhere. But I like yours.

Sonia said...

I want to do this card... Beautiful creation.