Sunday, November 9, 2008

Remember ME!

I can't believe it has been two months since I have updated my blog! What is wrong with me? I can answer that.....I have been really busy and not taking the time to do the things I should.

Let me just update you on me first. I am feeling much better. All of my chemo treatments are behind me. As you can see from the picture I am finally getting hair again. I have already had a mammogram since my treatments and everything was fine. I just went Friday for my blood work to make sure things are fine there. As far as the dr. visit...I am doing well. I am down 25 lbs. from when all of this mess started. Yeah for me! I could stand to lose another 60 or so but that is a dream. These pictures were taken at the Longaberger Homestead. We had such a great time that day! What a big basket I was standing in front of. It had apples in it. Wonder how they made all of that? Amazing!

One of the awesome things that has happened through all of this is my oncologist, who is the best doctor in the whole world, asked me to consider being on the Butler County (the county I live in) American Cancer Society Board. He thinks I have done an amazing job with all I have been through and keeping the attitude I did and thought it would be beneficial to the board. I jumped on it and am now the Breast Cancer Mission Chair Person for our Board. I am excited. If I can help improve people's lives doing this then it was meant for me. Thanks to Dr. Crane for thinking of me for this. Did I say he was wonderful?

Since October 28th Avis Anderson, another TAC demonstrator, has been visiting. We have done a lot of stamping. I wish I could put everything we have done on here but I can't for now. Some of them are projects I am using for some other things right now. We went through a bunch of swap cards I have received and did some stamp lifting. Not to mention we visited some blogs and did the same thing. I want to thank all of the TAC demonstrators we got ideas from. I should have written them down but forgot! View the slide show I have added. It has some of those cards plus some cards from some classes I have done lately.

I promise to try and update a lot more now that I have gotten this done. I so need to be better at these things. I hope you all enjoy my post and I am happy to be here and hope you enjoy your day!


Shazza said...

Hi Rita, glad to hear you are doing so well- you should join that board as suggested, you'd be an inspiration to others

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your success both in health and board nomination. You were frequently in my prayers as I drifted off too sleep.

Dianette Seda said...

Congrats in all your successes (losing weight, the board nomination and the stamping). Hope you keep going on as of now. Great cards!

Anonymous said...

Hello Rita. Congrats on your treatments being behind you and also for being nominated for the ACS board. I am an ACS volunteer, on their regional council, and a past ACS Hero of Hope. I am also a cancer survivor. Good luck in your new job, I am sure you will be an inspiration to others. Your cards are beautiful. I am not real familiar with blogs so I am not sure if we are suppose to post our email addresses here so I am not going to but I would love to be able to communicate with you through email. Stay strong and positive. God Bless.

Lisadwb said...

Oh Miss Rita, how could anyone ever forget you?? I am excited to see this post, Girl, you are looking GOOD!!!

Char said...

Hey Lil Buddy!!! I thought you looked like you had lost weight! Good for you!! But, what a way to do it!! Keep up the good work!

I am glad you and Avis had such a good time together....wish I could have been there, too!!

Love ya tons,

Bridgett Owens said...

Congratulations on a good report at the doctor! I am thrilled to hear of your new position with the ACS board! That is awesome and I know they will all benefit from your awesome attitude and great personality! Love the slideshow of cards and projects!! I am so glad to see you posting again! You were missed but it's obvious you had a lot to take care of! I look forward to hearing more about your new endeavors and so happy you got a chance to stamp with a fellow-Angel and friend!

Percy said...

Rita, I am glad to know you are doing soooo good! You are truly inspirational to others to see you go thru all this and still go....WOW!!! I admire you! Glad to see you back!!! {{{HUGS}}}

Sarah said...

You're looking great, Rita!
That's awesome about your nomination. I think you would do a fantastic job!!

Sarah G.

Bridgett Owens said...

Hey, you! I just wanted to let you know that I left you an award over on my blog!

Stampin' Meg said...

Hey forget that big dumb old basket in the background- look at all that purty hair!You go girl!

Photo Gal Jan said...

Just stopping by to say "hello". So good to hear that you are well.
Your cards are fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Rita...The Longaberger Pictures are beautiful! you look great!
Don't beat yourself up for not blogging...there is more to life than that!

Mrs. Nancy G said...

Hey Rita! I've had you on my heart lately. Thanks so much for the update.