Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Update on my Chemo and a Card Share

It has been brought to my attention that I haven't updated anything on my chemo treatments. As most of you know that come here often, I started a new chemo drug this last treatment. I have to say it is a lot better in the fact that you don't feel the fatigue and nausea as with the other drug. The down side is I had bone and joint pain for about three days. That wasn't fun but I could stay awake and function. I get my next treatment Friday so I know what to expect. After this treatment I will only have two more to go. Can you belive it when I say I am very happy about that? LOL I think I have come through all of this very well and boy do I have a new outlook on life. I can't stress enough for all of you to take care of yourself and get your yearly checkups. They sure pay off. I have been very adament about that and it sure paid off for me that my cancer was caught so early.

Now to share a card. I finally played some. Actually I have been doing some swap cards but the card I am sharing today is one for my Open House next week. This is done with the All Occasion Circles and Celebration Time. They are both new stamp sets in our new Fall and Winter 2008 catalog. I hope you enjoy the card and get some inspiration from it. It is great to showcase the Mega Circle Punch and the Giga Scalloped Circle Punch. The little strip with the brads I did with a corner rounder punch.

Have a great day EVERYONE!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks to the owner of this blog. Ive enjoyed reading this topic.

BarbL said...

Thanks for sharing Rita! I like to know how you are doing. I don't feel so "out of the loop" that way even if I am stuck out in the wilds of CO.
LOVE your card! I can hardly wait for these sets to arrive on my doorstep.
Barb L.

Shazza said...

glad that your treatment is nearing it's end Rita, good luck on Friday.
Lovely card

Just Me said...

Thank you for sharing about your treatment. I am soooo thankful that you are winning this battle!!!!!
I hope it doesn't bother you but I have to share why your battle is soooo important to me..... and why I felt so compelled to try to bless you with the secret sister things....

My sister-in-law found her breast cancer early and beat it the first time.... unfortunately, when she go cancer again it just wasn't meant to be. She just past away the 5th of july (I have a small tribute on my blog)... then my 11 year olds grandma passed from cancer a couple months ago... they found hers too late (it started in her stomach) even though she went to dr after dr...because she KNEW something was WRONG... but they didn't find anything (NOT sure they REALLY looked in her case... it took her going to mexico on vacation and seeing a doctor there for them to find was HUGE and through out her body... by then it was too late.
I also have a friend who is dying from cancer.... it started in her stomach too... nothing else they can do for her either.
My Grand Father-in-law passed away a couple years back... same thing... in the stomach...
KEEP fighting and sharing... spread the word and PRAY for this UGLY disease of cancer to be eradicated... with a miracle I KNOW it can happen!!!

Anonymous said...

Rita. I am new to TAC and also a cancer survivor. I wanted to drop you a note and let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I know what a journey this dreadful disease can be and what it can do to a body. Remember to stay strong and positive. You can email me at

Percy said...

Rita I am glad you are almost done with the treatment, you have such a great and positive attitude it is contagious! Keep it up, all is well.

Mrs. Nancy G said...

Words of wisdom indeed. Thanks so much for sharing and caring.

My little sister (she's 34 years old) is going through testing for the lump she just discovered. It's walnut sized. Your testimony has been a way for me to better relate to her during this time.

Thank you Rita.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm glad to hear you're doing better. I'll keep my good thoughts going on this end. I loved that picture of the angel wing clouds. Amaizing!

Keep stamping and scrapping.

Anonymous said...

Love that stamp! :)

Good to know you are feeling less fatigue & nausea.
I continue to keep you in my prayers.

Lots of love,

mel4christ said...

Again your outlook is so positive and inspiring.I'm glad to hear that the treatment was better. Good to see you still creating. Super cute cards!!

Sheila Hallworth said...

Lovel card. Clean and classy. Nice job.

Great news about your treatment.

Sheila : )

nic_d said...

What a gorgeous card! You continue to be in my prayers as you make your recovery!