Thursday, May 29, 2008

What a Week

Saying that fatigue hit me would be putting it mildy. Sunday and Monday I literally slept most of the days away. We figured I probably slept 20 out of 24 hours each day. There was just nothing else I could do. What a weird feeling for the fact there is nothing you can do about it. Tuesday and Wednesday were a little better and today was much better. At least I have been up and doing things.
One thing my dr. told me is he can cut back my last doasge of the Adriamycin/Cytoxin mix I am taking right now. That will help a lot with the fatigue. I get the last dose of that June 6th. I will then start on the Taxol after getting back from Seminar. There will be a little break because of Seminar which will help build some strength up.
I still consider myself lucky and know that things could be much worse. I can't believe I am actually going into my fourth treatment already. I can't say time flies when you're having fun because it is in no way fun but the time has flown. I guess losing a week every other week to be sick kind of does that.
I will say I am so looking forward to Seminar and am working on trades and stuff as I can. It keeps me going. I do think I need to step it up a notch...LOL
My little dog, Myrtle, is doing great. She is a stinker though. She has some issues we need to work on but frankly some days it is just easier to let them go. I hope it all works out in the long run with her. She sure is a lot of company.
I want to thank everyone for the nice comments on my blog and the emails. It means so much to me to know people are reading and thinking of me right now. I wish I could take the time to answer everyone individually but I just don't have that much energy right now. You guys are all so great.
I am hoping to get to feeling better and maybe even play a little bit besides stuff for Seminar. It has been so hard to be creative right now and I miss it so much. I hope that part comes back soon.
I wanted to keep this short and sweet so I will sign off now. Everyone have a good weekend if I'm not back before then.


Laurie Unger said...

Hang in there Rita! I wish I was going to seminar, just so I could give you a big hug! Take care!

mel4christ said...

You are amazing and your strength is so encouraging. I pray that you will continue to be in good spirits and that your strength will return to you as well as your creative time. God bless you!!


StampinGran said...

Rita, I read and pray everyday. You know how much I love you!!!
Every time I have a glass of wine, I raise it to you!!!
Can't wait to see you in Wichita!!!!


Aimee said...

Sending a big HUG to you Rita. You are an amazing person. :)

Leanne said...

My gramma has the same trouble with fatigue. She had her meds switched around too and is doing much better. Hugs and prayers sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rita - big hugs from Minnesota!! And at seminar you get one in person!! rita wetzel

Shazza said...

thanks for the update Rita, stay strong. Cannot believe how positive you are

Anonymous said...

You really are a special person. I'm so glad you get to go to the Seminar. Rest up and take care of yourself.
Joan Horner

Sheila Hallworth said...

hope you're having a good day Rita, life sucks sometimes :-/

nic_d said...

Hope you are feeling better! Your strength and positive outlook are amazing! See you at Seminar!!!

Bridgett Owens said...