Monday, May 5, 2008


That's right! You can look at the picture and tell what I'm talkin' about!!!!! I know it has been three weeks since Tanner passed away but I needed a furry friend to cuddle. I thought I would wait until Chemo was over but I have never lived without a dog and I'm too old to start now. My DH and I talked and we decided on a Chihuahua. We have had a few in our lifetime and we absolutely love them. I found this little one on the internet last night and just happens she was only about 25 minutes from me. I went to see her this morning and the rest is history. Now let me tell you the story.

First of all let me introduce you to MYRTLE!!!! She might be a very tiny girl but she is named after the Big City.....Myrtle Beach! Last night I decided to look on the internet at Chihuahua's and looked at our local paper's classifieds and found a website for some little puppies. I found two Chihuahua's on there so I called this morning. I could tell by the phone number it should be pretty local. It was so I called my really wonderful Ginger and asked her if she could skip out of work and go look at a puppy with me. Ginger by the way is one of my closest friends....she is technically a sister to me without being blood related. Anyway....lukily ginger works for her brother and he had already told her if I needed anything not to worry about taking off work to help me out....SO Ginger told him that I called and wanted her to take me somewhere. She neglected to say it was to look at puppies. Anyway we had a wonderful country ride and a nice talk on the way out. There were three Chihuahua's to look at. How was I going to decide? It was hard and at one point I told them they may have to put them all three in a big brown paper bag and let me pick out of it. Ginger and I played with them and I then decided on the black one. I loved the white one but I have had two white Chihuahua's and the other one was beautiful. She as called a Blue and Tan but looked like she was going to get a little bigger than I wanted. I asked the lady if she would take a check and Ginger jumped up and said "No...I got it!" I was like "No way Ginger....You are not buying me a dog!!!!!". She said she wasn't that "All the Myrtle Beach Gang was". I cried right then and there. The lady must have thought what a bunch of loons. She did ask me not to cry because she gets emotional...LOL Anyway that is why my puppy is named is after the Myrtle Beach Gang.

Now I guess I need to explain that. They are 10 of us (All women from different walks of life) that get together once a year and rent a beach house for a week. This will be our FOURTEENTH year. It is those ladies that had already planned on buying me a dog right after Tanner died but hadn't said anything. They waited until I was ready. Ginger was just lucky I felt the need to call her...LOL and she got to go. No wonder she was so darned excited.

Was it enough that they bought the dog......NO!!!

After we left the ladies house getting the dog Ginger wanted to know if I wanted to go shopping at the pet store since I needed some puppy food and all. Off we Go!!!!!!! I called another good friend Joyce...who is also part of the MBG and she left her work and showed up at the pet store within 5 minutes. Let's just say that Myrtle came out of that store wearing the dress that she is in in her picture. Aunt Joyce had to buy that. She also got a pink sweater, toys and treats from Aunt Joyce. The MBG bought the rest........a pink bed, pink crate, pink harness, pink bling bling collar, pink bling bling leash, pink retractable leash, pink water and food bowl, more toys, pet shampoo, dog food and poop bags to clip on the leash. OMG can we say spoiled or what?

Oh...did I say I have wonderful friends? Not only are these guys my wonderful friends for what they have done but for the friendships we have made over the years and how suppportive we have all been for each other. I only wish everyone could endure the friendships I have. I am so blessed.

Before I go I do want to thank all of you that read my blog and also send me comments. I cherish it all more than you know. I tell you what I don't know what I have done in this dull life of mine to be so blessed with friends near, far, old, new and anything in between but I hope I can keep up the pace and continue what it is.


Rita Kegg said...

I am so happy for you Rita!! I was able to hold out longer than 3 weeks!!!! LOL I am so glad you have a warm and loving dog to cuddle, it made me so happy to hear this tonight. Thanks for sharing. My Gabby welcomes your Myrtle into our angel family!! Blessings snd love. Rita K

Kathy McC said...

Congratulations Rita Rita! Your Myrtle is a cutie! My furry kids Esther and Manna say welcome too! There is nothing like God's little
furry creations to bless us! Enjoy! Love Kathy

Anonymous said...

What a darling, hope he brings you and DH some much needed comfort and loving. I know that Pepper does that for us. Many prayers sent your way and we love you,

Kazza said...

What a cutie, hope you have lots of fun together :O)

Chris Steer said...

What a lovely story - you are so blessed having such good friends - hope Myrtle brings you lots of joy!

Chris x

Anonymous said...

Rita I am so happy for you! I know what a blessing she will be to you! Oh and the reason you have so many great friends is because you are a great friend!

Anonymous said...

Rita!!! She is adorable!!! She just LOOKS like a dog that needs to be pampered! It was fate that you called Ginger. What a wonderful gift.

Aimee said...

Dogs are the best! So wonderful to hear you about the newest member of your family. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Rita: She is sooooo cute! I had to put my Bailey down on Saturday and everyone at work is taking bets on how soon before I have another puppy. I'm keeping you in my prayers. Give Myrtle a bit kiss from me.

Angela K said...

Oh Rita she is wonderful! How cute in her little dress! I love her name too!

Anonymous said...

OMG Rita, what a great story. It is so nice to have so many close friends. You are wonderful. Your new dog is so cute, and I love how you picked the name!!!
Your friend
Joan Horner