Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bye Bye Hair

Yeap!!! I got up this morning and my hair was falling out. Just like that! I was able to run my hands through my hair and it would come out and I felt like a dog shedding. I don't have to worry about that now. I have NO HAIR! My DH and grandkids took care of that. We did manage to get a lot of pictures. I let my two oldest grandkids do the honors of shaving my head. My grandson was really getting into it. At one point he had my hair really lopsided and he said I looked like the Mayor of Whoville in The Grinch. LOL After we got done with the hair bit and my darling daughter took the vacuum cleaner to my head we had cupcakes and ice cream. I think it was good for the kids to be part of it. I will admit that I cried today as I was rubbing my head and making a mountain of hair on the arm of the couch. Life is no fun when realization hits you square in the face! I got over it and didn't shed a tear while they buzzed away on my head. I am fine now and don't care much about what anyone thinks of my bald head. That's life and we are going on! Here are our before and after pictures. I'm sure you don't need captions to guess which is which....LOL
My grandson has that silly 8 year old look on his face in the later picture....why do kids do that? I guess I will break out the hats now.
Tomorrow is my second Chemo treatment. I am sure it will go well. I'm not looking forward to not feeling well a couple of days but hey it will be one more treatment down.
I hope everyone has had a good day and hopefully I will feel good enough to be back this weekend sometime for a few minutes anyway.


Unknown said...

Oh Rita,

I think that you look BEAUTIFUL! Know that it is okay to cry you deserve it. When you are down picture yourself in God's hand and feel the support and the comfort. You are a true Angel. God speed my friend.

By the way I think that your grandkids are darling and who really notices your grandson's face I think he is charming and your granddaughter is beautiful.

Inky Huggz,

Missy Olson
Angel #1754
Team Leader of the
Hot 'n Flashy Angelettes
North Branch, MN

P.S. Thank you for sharing such a personal and emotional event in your life you are AWESOME.

Aimee said...

You are beautiful--inside and out! Your grandkids are real cuties too--what a great family you have. I'm keeping you in my thoughts. Consider yourself hugged today! :)

Karen Lindsay said...

Hey! You look great! What a great opportunity to wear all sorts of fun hats!! Hang in there...



Shazza said...

Hi Rita
sorry to hear about your hair falling out- I am very impressed by the way in which you dealt with it and the photos look great! Your grandkids look lovely and my son just turned 9 so I know all about the funny faces they pull in pics.
Big hugs to you

Angela K said...

That would be quite a shock, even if you knew it might happen. I think you look lovely! Those are some beautifl grandkids you have too!! I will keep you in my thoughts for this next round coming up, I hope it goes smoothly for you!

made by fifi said...

fab pics - sorry to here your hair was falling out (hug) your grandchildren look lovely xx

Sonja said...

I continue to be impressed and amazed at how gracefully you handle these new situations that seem to come along. You are certainly a woman of great strength.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rita,

Thank you for sharing your journey with cancer with all of us. I love your positive attitude! Looking forward to seeing you at seminar.

Rita Wetzel

ps - my daughter is running in a race today to benefit Cancer Research so we've been thinking of lot of you lately.

Stacey said...

I am so impressed with the way you've coped with losing your hair. You are so brave! But just think, a whole world has now opened up to you and you can now go hat shopping! Take care and good luck for round 2 ~x~

AmethystCat said...

Your story is great and it's wonderful that you included your grandkids so that it's a natural progression for them. Great job on keeping up the positive attitude and best of luck with your next round of chemo!

Mrs. Nancy G said...

You are so blessed not to have to go through this all alone. Always know that you are surrounded by people that love and care for you. Your family is awesome and your courage is a testament to them all the way down to your grandchildren.

I'd cry too.

~Nancy Grant

mel4christ said...

God bless you, you are so strong and so radiant. GOOD FOR YOU!!! God bless those grandkids, they surely are blessings and so are you. I will continue to pray for you during this difficult time.

Smiles and encouragement,

Kathy McC said...

You are very beautiful! All your actions are shouting victory! The best is coming, and you are pushing through this trial! You are in my prayers, and our Lord hears all our cries and request!

TinaB said...

You look beautiful hun xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi, Rita,
I think you're one strong woman. Summer is coming. You'll just be cooler without the hair.

BTW did the hats arrive?

Denise (Liverites)

Anonymous said...


Your Blog is a marvelous idea. You might remember my publishing a weekly newspaper article telling of my daily activities while waiting for my liver transplant. It was the most enlightening thing I could have done, as I got in touch with my true self through illness and economic adversity.

I applaud your courage and your strength. I continue to pray for your successful recovery.


Kazza said...

sending lots of hugs across the pond for you, hang in there, thinking of you :O)

Percy said...


Sending positive thoughts your way! Hang in there this will be over soon!



Anonymous said...

You make me laugh and are a true inspiration! God Bless You!
Fondly, Cindy Dale

Char said...

Hey Lil Buddy.....when your hair grows back, keep it short. I think that short hair do is adorable!

Of are adorable with or without hair.

I'll so miss rooming with you at seminar....especially this year....we'd have a blast!!! Just won't take near as much time to get ready each morning ;-)

Love you tons!!!!!

Your cohort in mischief!!


Bridgett Owens said...

I am thinking of you and sending you lots of love and good wishes! You are in my heart and in my prayers!! Thank you for sharing so much of your journey with us. I felt like I was right there with you! You are so awesome and a true ANGEL in every sense of the word!
Angelhood 2

Leanne said...

God love you sweetie. I will continue to pray for you.

Anonymous said...

Rita...I haven't checked your blog in a while. I was surprised to see your beautiful bald head looking at me. You look great! I can't believe how big the kids are getting. Don't feel bad for need to. It lets some of the stress out. You are handling all this with such grace! You are an inspiration. Love ya!