Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thursday TECH!

This is the first chance I got downstairs to get on the computer today so I thought I would post my TECHnique. This is a technique I did a long time ago but really like it. You need the right kind of stamp for it to look right though. It is called Brayered Reflections.
Here are the directions:

Brayered Reflections
Glossy Cardstock
Kaleidacolor pad or dye based ink pads in color of your choice
Stamps of your choice
Noir Black Palette Stamp Pad
Heat Gun
Sponge (Optional)
Brayer glossy cardstock with ink color of your choice. Ink stamp with black ink and stamp onto cardstock. Ink stamp again with black and lay on table ink side up. Roll brayer across stamp one time. Line the brayer with the bottom of the stamp image. (I turn my cardstock upside down for this) Roll brayer one time. You should have a reflection of the image you stamped on the cardstock. Use sponge to sponge colors in for depth. Embellish as desired.

I hope you get a chance to try this. It is fun for something different to do.

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Kathy McC said...

Rita Rita,
This is great! Going to try it.
Thanks so much for your techs!