Monday, April 28, 2008

How Angels Lives Cross

I have been wanting to tell a story about how small this world can be. I have not shared this story with you about another angel that I have come to love so dearly and how our lives have crossed. I'll start from the beginning and tell the story. I hope you stay with me.
I went to my first Seminar in June 2004 and so did this other sweet angel. Of course you know how people are at Seminar if you have ever been. They talk to everyone. Two Angels that I was rooming with (Jess Hansen and Kathy Harrison) and I decided to go to the Casino in KS and we asked this Angel to go with us. We had the most fun. Kathy drives like Mario Andretti...LOL and she had me and this person colliding in the back seat when she almost missed the exit for the Casino. We went in and had the best time. New friendships were born.

This sweet angel that was with us has the appearance to be a very outgoing person but is also very reasonably shy. It was this year that she won "The Angel of the Year Award" for starting the New Angel Packet Program. I remember watching her and she cried and couldn't look at anyone. She was so shy and didn't know what to do to be in the spotlight. She is one to help others and try not to be noticed. I'm sure a lot of you know who I am talking about now if you have been a TAC Demonstrator for anytime. It is our one and only Denise Collier. What a hoot this girl can be. You would love!!!!!

Denise and I didn't correspond much until she sent out a note about seeing the time to give up the Angel Packet Program. I wrote her about this and told her I would take it over. Very reluctantly she gave it up and has since said she would take it back anytime. We both love it. It is in our blood. In one of the emails Denise sent; she had told me of some tough times she is going through. I wrote her back and said "What a coincidince" I am too. We found out we were both battling breast cancer. As you can see we have connected three times in some way. We joke that this last one really takes the cake.

We have kept in such close contact sharing our experiences and our lives and how differently we have dealt with this. We have helped each other out tremendously. Even though our cancers were different and mine was invasive and could have ended up much worse; Denise's was a little more concentrated. She had her lumpectomy a week before I did. She has since had to go through a mastectomy and then I found out I needed the aggressive chemo. It seems like things are never ending right now. We tell each other we will get through it and be stronger than before.

What I guess I am saying here is that you never know who is going through something the same as you or even similar. The thing is please tell someone what you are going through. There are so many wonderful people out there that care and that caring can just get you through. I have received so much from my fellow demonstrators, friends and family.

I know that many of the Angels that come to my blog may want to email Denise and I'm sure she wouldn't mind. Here is her email addy.

Now on to my update. This is my third day out in Chemo and I guess has been my worst day. I have gotten a sore mouth, nausea, fatigue and constipation. What fun! I look at the whole scheme of things and I still don't feel as bad as I thought I would. I can function but not so fast.

I have babbled enough on here so I will go and hope everyone has a wonderful week!


StampinGran said...

You are still in my prayers and so is Denise. I just emailed her. Here's what I said,and it goes for you too!!!!

Hey, Denise, this is Kathleen Buchanan. I don't know if you remember me, but I sure remember you!!
I just read Rita's blog, and let me tell you, my prayers are going up for you!!

I don't know where I read this, but I did, somewhere. It was someone who had had a near death experience and came back. She said that while she was "in the presents of the Light," she saw beautiful "points of light," some bigger and brighter than others, coming "up". When she thought, "What are those lights?" The answer was given to her. "They are prayers, but Mothers' prayers are always much brighter than the others." So, I'm a mother AND and Angel, so mine might be brighter that some others. As a matter of fact, if I ask, I know they will be.

We love you!!!!!!

Vicki Hook said...

Rita what a wonderful inspiring story!!!

God Bless and good luck on the rest of your journey!

Anonymous said...

Rita, you touch so many of us and give so much to us and ask for nothing in return. Your story continues to inspire me to be a better person, a stronger person and to take nothing that is gifted to me for granted. I cherish the friendship that I have with you and I keep you close to my heart everyday. Thank you for all that you do, without ever knowing that you are doing anything at all, you bless all of us!

Mrs. Nancy G said...

What a blessing to have an Angel to confide in. I know the situation would not be one you would choose to draw you closer and I pray for your recovery often.

I wish I had better words of encouragement as I feel awkward as to what's the best thing to say. I guess I just want you to know that I care.

Nancy Grant
Angel #2661

Kazza said...

take care Rita, thinking of you :O)