Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tomorrow is the DAY

Tomorrow is surgery day. Am I scared? Not at having the surgery. I feel my surgeon is very good and I just love her. I trust her very much. I am scared of the "what ifs" that are still hanging. My biggest fear is if the cancer has went to the lymph nodes. That is what the biopsy is for that will be done before the surgery. Please say a prayer they are okay. I will be very glad to get this over with.
Now on a happier note.....I have a very clean house! My DH and I did that today. I do keep a clean house but you know how you feel you have to go the extra mile when you know you are going to be laying on the couch looking at it. I told him if it wasn't done today...he would have to do it while I watched because I would find things that would drive me crazy...LOL
I have been doing some stamping and even had a FunShop yesterday. It was a little over $250 and a booking for next month. (Hope I feel okay to do it) I plan on stamping a few things tonight before I go to bed. Maybe I will get back on here and share.
I will be back blogging very soon. By that I mean Tuesday or Wednesday so check back.
Keep the prayers coming...they sure are helping!!!!


Heather Devino said...

I will be praying for you tomorrow, Rita. You have such a great attitude, but make sure you rest and let everyone take care of you. :) Love and prayers, Heather

Karen Lindsay said...

My prayers are with you. I'm sending a warm hug too, 'cause you might need one. :)