Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday's TECH plus more

Today is Thursday and I finally got it together to do a technique. This is called Strip Quilting with Paper. A fun way to use those small strips of patterned paper. Here are the directions:

Strip Quilting with Paper
White cardstock for quilting background
3-4 colors of printed papers cut in strips (I usually use ½” strips)
Colored cardstock to use for a Mat
Scissors and glue stick

I find it best to hold the different colors of printed papers together and cut them at different lengths at an angle. Using the glue stick; put glue on a portion of your white cardstock. Lay you printed strips onto the cardstock matching the ends and sides until to cover the whole piece of cardstock. You can put stitch marks on the strips with a black pen to resemble quilting marks or leave plain. Embellish as desired.

As for my cancer, I am ready to start radiation tomorrow. Today I had to go and have a CT Scan to make sure the Mammosite catheter was in place and ready to go. Yesterday I went back to my surgeon and she replaced the temporary catheter with the Mammosite. She gave me a local so it really didn't hurt. She also removed my drain tube. That felt good now that I don't have that tube with a ball on the end of it hanging down. She did let me know that they are retesting the spot that was orginally biopsied. It is called an Oncotype DX test. What it does is test the tissue to see what the percentage of chance you have for your cancer to re-occur in the next 10 years. This helps the Medial Oncologist decide on using Chemo or not. You have to meet criteria for this test to be done and paid for by insurance. It is very expensive. The criteria you have to meet is: Clean lymph nodes, invasive cancer and HR sensitive. What that means is cancer that has gotten into the tissue of the breast but not into the lymph nodes and you are hormone sensitive which is also done by a test. SO...radiation starts tomorrow for 5 days, appointment with the medical oncologist April 4th and then we will see what the next step brings. So far so good to me. I am here and stamping...what else can I ask for?
Have a great night!!!!!!


Kathy McC said...

You amaze me! This is so cute!
And you are a wonderful inspiration
to us all.
We love you!

Karen Lindsay said...

Isn't it amazing the diagnostic tests they have nowadays?!! I'm a medical transcriptionist (37 years) and some of the tests you mention, I've never heard of -- like the test you just mentioned -- the Oncotype DX. I think you are very fortunate to have the doctor you do. All will be well. :)



Karen Lindsay said...

I meant to comment on your wonderful strip-quilted card, but my brain was stuck on "Oncotype DX." :) I am an Angel too, and will be playing with my paper pads to give strip quilting a try. Thank you for sharing!