Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Thursday Tech's

First of all I want to show you how I file my technqiues. I use a 3" x 5" Rolodex File. It is a little pricier than the smaller one but you can get more of the technique on a card. I file all of my techniques in alphabetical order. I make a sample of the technique and it goes on the front side of the Rolodex card. I then type the directions and put it on the back side of the card. That way while I am flipping through the Rolodex I can see the samples. If I come across one I like and haven't done in a while I can pull it out, turn it over and have the directions right there. This is also a great size to sit on your desk and have it close at hand. No more having to go through samples and samples of cards to get ideas. Here is a picture of the Rolodex File:

As you can see I have had to go to two Rolodex systems. I have part of the alphabet in one and the rest in the other. They stack really nice to
keep the area small where they sit.

This is how the Rolodex cards are done. As you can see the sample is done on cardstock and then mounted to the Rolodex card. On the back of the card is the directions that were typed to fit the size of the rolodex card. It was printed onto copy paper and then glued to the back of the Rolodex card.

I buy Rolodex protector sleeves from Discount Office Supplies and put over the cards. That way if I am using a card it is protected from the mess I can make. They also have good prices on their 3" x 5" Rolodex Boxes.

Now to move on to our first technique. If you are an avid stamper you have probably seen a lot of the techniques. I am NOT the creator of these techniques. You can search and find techniques all over the internet. However I am the creator of the directions because I write them on how I do them. Some of my techniques may have changes to them from how you have seen them. If I think something is easier done another way from the directions I have found on the internet then I change to how I like to do it.

Our first techniques is called: BEADED WINDOWS

Here are the directions for the technique:

Beaded Windows
Cardstock colors of your choice
Stamps of your choice
Inks of your choice
Square or Rectangle punch or coluzzles for cutting window
Small Beads, Scotch Tape
Beading wire such as Beadalon 19
Cut or punch desired window size from card front. Measure the length of the “window”. Cut four strips from a contrasting cardstock ½” wide and then the length of your window plus a ½”. Glue the small pieces of cardstock to the back of the window to make a window pane. It gives the window a nice finished look. Tape a piece of bead wire to the back of the window. Make sure it is long enough to cover the window from one side to the other. String beads onto wire and tape to other side of window. Repeat this step to add another string of beads to window. Stamp image onto a separate piece of cardstock to show through the window. Tape to back side of window.

Here is a sample card:

I did the beads in lighter colors so it is hard to get the true effect. I will also post the Rolodex sample that I did a long time ago.


Lisadwb said...

How cool is that? I would have never thought of that!! Thanks, Rita!!

Marge said...

I've been wanting to do something with beads, so this may jump-start my inspiration! TFS!


Ali Manning said...

I love your Rolodex idea - I have one somewhere - I think I'll try it. Thanks for sharing.

Monika/Buzsy said...

What a great idea! TFS!