Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday Tech Week 2

I hope you have come back to check out the Thursday Technique. This is a very simple technique that I love to do. It is called Rock N Roll. It gives your bold image stamp a new look within seconds. You will love doing it if you try it. Here is the sample card I did. I am stuck on greens and blues for some reason and also this butterfly. I hope you enjoy the sample. I have also added my Rolodex card sample for you to see.

Here are the directions on how to do this technqiue:

Rock N Roll
Matte cardstock light colored
Bold imaged stamps of your choice
Two color values of ink pads that compliment each other
Ink image in the lightest color value first. DO NOT STAMP!
Now roll the edges of the inked stamp onto the complimenting color of stamp pad. NOW STAMP ONTO CARDSTOCK!
Wipe stamp off and repeat as necessary to get the look you want to achieve.

You can wipe your ink pad off with a paper towel if you get too much of the other color onto it. This technique will not hurt your ink pads. I do it all the time. As long as you wipe the ink off the ink pad if it gets too messy you will be fine.


Karen Lindsay said...

Very pretty cards you've made using that technique! I may have to CASE them for one of my upcoming TAC workshops. :) Thank you for sharing.


Sarah said...

I just taught the Rock and Roll technique at a class the other night. The ladies loved it! Your butterfly is beautiful...I just got this set, I'll have to go and try this technique with it!