Saturday, January 19, 2008

Recruiting Recruiting Recruiting

I have to keep telling myself this. I seem to have a hard time getting recruits. I guess I just don't ask like I should. Anyway I have gotten three recruits this month. No I didn't approach them...they approached me. I will say all three of them are first off my friends and secondly my customers. I am so glad they joined though. It is making my Angel family grow. What did happen as I was talking to Kathy and Sylvia about joining was a surprise to me. Both of them thought you had to sell sell sell. They had went to The Angel Company Website and read about getting their wings. One of the things that had confused both of them was the Perfect Start Program. This is a program where you can earn extra free stuff by meeting particular goals that TAC sets. They thought they HAD to do this. I set them straight and told me no and how easy it is to meet your minimums and sell with TAC. Both of them said I should post what we talked about since there may be more that thought the same thing. So...I am here doing what they have told me to do...LOL.
It is so easy to be a TAC Demonstrator. Here is some of the criteria:

EASY MINIMUMS.....$100 quarterly...that's right an average of $25 per month!

FRIENDLY AND HELPFUL HOME OFFICE STAFF...If your upline is not around and you need to quick answer they are always there to help you. They have always been so nice to me.

GREAT ANGEL FAMILY...You meet so many great demonstrators that are willing to share and help you.

COMMISSION...You make 25% on your sales. Great way to save some extra money to help support your habit, help with household finances, save more missionary trips (Go Kathy). TAC send out commission checks twice a month to the qualifying Angels. You qualify as long as you have retail sales in any amount.

LOW FUNSHOP (PARTY) MINIMUMS...$100 constitutes a party. That's right your hostess (or you if you are taking up orders) will get all the benefits at $100.

FREE GWP'S WITH EVERY $30 IN ORDERS...This is for anyone who places an order and it totals over $30 (before shipping and tax). This is a Gift With Purchase and it is a small stamp FREE just for ordering $30.

Here is the link to check out what TAC has to say about earning your wings. This is also the next link which shows the application for becoming an Angel.

If this sounds like something you would like to try....PLEASE contact me to become part of my team. I want to try and make EXECUTIVE by SEMINAR which is in June 2008. In order to do that I need 10 more recruits. I keep telling myself: I CAN DO IT!!!!!


Alley said...

TAC is the best! The products, people, passion and minimums... can't be beat! Cognrats on your recruits! they'll love TAC for sure!

Diana said...

I know you can make it!! I am trying the same but I need sales too!!