Monday, January 7, 2008


I just had to come here and tell everyone what happened at my class tonight. I only had three people in class (thank goodness). I teach in part of my basement and I take 6 people but it is crowded so we were lucky. Anyway I am just talking away (standing up) and one of the ladies looks up and says "Is that a bird?" Another lady says (in a shrill voice) "No!! It's a BAT!." She proceeds to hunker to the floor. When she does that I can't get around her. I scream "MOVE!!". She moves and we all run out of that part of the basement yelling at my husband "There's a bat in there." He, of course, calmly gets his fishing net out and goes in my stamp room and catches the thing. It looked about 3 inches long in that net. When I saw it flying I thought it had a wing span of at least 12". LOL WE laughed the rest of the night in class. It is one of those stories that I guess you had to be there but it was pretty funny. Mind you I live in a subdivision so it's not like we have a lot of woods or anything. Now to figure out how he got in here. I hope he didn't have any friends with him.
I'll be back with some stamping stuff in the next day or so. Have a good one!!!!


Lisadwb said...

That is too funny. It brings back a memory. One night in church we had a bat come in.It was durung the invitation at the end of service. Everyone was standing and singing. Well, the bat came from the front of the church and you should have seen us scrambling to get under the pews. The only person that never moved was a member that was a mortician.When I peeked out from under my pew that bat was circling around his head. It circle a few time then out the door it went- and never came back. We were all very jumpy until the end of service.

Laurie Unger said...

I had an adventure with a bat when I was little that was funny. I remember my Grandpa using a fishing net to catch it, but there was also a tennis racket involved! Isn't it funny how us "girls" just freak out when we encounter a bat close up? Thanks for sharing your story, it brought back some great memories for me!

Mrs. Nancy G said...

OOO... scary!!! Sounds exciting!


Unknown said...

That's so funny, Rita! In my opinion, that would be the time I'd start serving mixed drinks, if it were my FunShop! I love your blog.

Sarah said...

Oh, wow! What a story, Rita!!! I bet that was pretty exciting!

Char said... KNOW that Sue Morlock got bit by a rabid bat that was in HER house, right?? If I had been there....I know I would have been screaming right along with you all. I am terrified of flying anything...LOL