Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Something Very Special to Me

I have a very dear friend who is handicapped that had a bad fall last month. She is coming along but has a long way to go. She is now in a nursing facility getting rehabilitation for her leg. She broke it in three places. I originally met Lisa through a yahoogroup 10 years ago for a Liver Disease that we both had just been diagnosed with. I asked the other members of this group to write Lisa a letter to let her know how we all feel about her and I made her a book with the letters. I would like to share a few of the pages I did. Lisa should be receiving it any day. I know she will love it and it will be a big inspiration for her.

Here is the front cover. I bought a 6" x 6" album and added ribbon and a flower to the front along with stamping Lisa's name on it.

I am going to share the page I did with my letter to Lisa. It so much says what she means to me. I love using the More Abundance Set from TAC to add something to the pages. You can say so much with these sayings.

This page was sent to me by another dear friend on our group. She knows Lisa loves Maine and she sent a picture of one of the lighthouses in Maine to add to her page. Working with a 6" x 6" book was a little tricky for this but it turned out nice.

This is the last page I will share tonight. I had several pages I did for the book but don't want to bore you.
I hope you enjoyed looking at the pages and see how easy it is to put something like this together. If you have someone that is sick or just needs some inspiration to move on; it is a great gift. I have done a few of them. You will get great comfort from doing it.

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