Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

Who was brave and ventured out this morning? I did go to Michael's. I got a few good deals and it wasn't really bad shopping in there. I did wait until about 8:30 to go. I may venture out a little more later; just not sure yet.
I thought I would share some of my creations I did for my craft fair. Some of them were stamplifted and I can't remember where. I should have written it down but I don't want to take credit for some of the ideas.
I have seen this calendars around and decided to do one myself. I loved doing them. I only had two made for the craft show but sold both of them. I have since made some more to give to my grandkids and few of my friends grandkids.
This little card kit is made especially for kids. It is all set with crayons and all they have to do is color the images. It's a great stocking stuffer. I think it was Jen Carter on PaperWings who had some card kits made that gave me the idea.

The above picture shows the different images I put in the card kit. The picture to the right shows how I packaged it.

They were really fun to do. I also did them in 3 x 3 cards too. That's a good way to use up some scraps. Here is a picture of them.

I also made some 3 x 3 gift cards and put them in Christmas tins. I used some of the ideas from a recent swap I was in.

I bought the little gift tins at Michael's for $1.00. They were the perfect size for 3 x 3 cards.

I think they make a great gift to give when someone drops over and you want to give them a little something.
I also made some note cards. I bought a box of DCWV cards with envelopes and stamped them for note cards. I did them very simple and mixed the colors for sets. I have two pictures of these. One is the designs I put on the cards and the other shows them packaged. I put 5 cards in a set with the envelopes.

I hope you enjoy looking at all the projects I have posted. I plan on working on stuff this weekend and will be sure to share more.


Anonymous said...

Wow Rita, I really liked your idea of the stationary. What a wonderful gift. Deborah

abhall76 said...

A lot of great stuff Rita! You do such nice work!

Mary Leeson said...

Wow, Rita, you've been a busy girl! Love your stuff - especially the coloring cards for kids. Moms are always looking for stuff for the kiddies at craft show so I'm sure you met their need. TFS!