Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Stamping My Heart Out

It has been only 5 days since I have updated. I am getting a little better.
What have I been up to? Of course working on and doing my classes. The new Slide Show you see are cards from my last this past week. It was Sweet and Simple cards. All stamps are TAC and the papers are from Hobby Lobby. I know I should use TAC papers and I do alot BUT I do so many classes that it is more price effective for me to get paper on sale at Hobby Lobby. I still sell papers and use them when I feel it is feasible.

Another thing I have been busy with is a system that I do classes on and have set up for other TAC demonstrators to use for their classes. It is called Rolodex techniques. It has been very productive and rewarding for me. I just recently started selling the 3" x 5" Rolodex cards with the sample and directions to the technique on the card to demonstrators. I have done so well that it is beyond belief. I didn't realize it would go so well. If you are a demonstrator with TAC and haven't heard of this send me an email. I would love for you to join my group.

TAC just released their discontinued list. Email me if you are interested in seeing the list. I had 83 sets that have been discontinued. I will be selling them off to make room and money for new sets when the catalog comes out the end of June.

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